Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Desire from Inside-Out model perspective

On Desire
"Desire is the root cause for misery"

- that is what is written about Buddha's teachings in school books

Actually through the course of my life I have learnt desire is Grace - God's greatest gift to us. Our desires defines our tastes in life, it defines who we are at a given moment.

Any desire is OK - it has to be my desire - i have to be able to give my 100% in pursuing it. To know whether we are fully involved in something of an art - I fell into a typical error that one must watch out for - to pursue something because of somebody else - I was great impressed by Buddha himself - and I started doing things to attain his state. While the Buddha attained his state as a by product in his pursuit of ending human sorrow - my pursuit was simply attain the state of Buddhahood. Since my pursuit was different but the method was taught by Buddha - the end result was quite different and miserable.

Moral of the story -

  • " Do not copy methods when intents/desires are different"
  • " your desires are what you are - no desire is invalid - every desire is divine"
  • "Do not worry too much about figuring out what is actually your desire - it can be a pretty confusing - a lot of trial and error may be required.
  • "Since any desire is as good as any other - what you choose to be your desire is your desire." You may use your value system or what appeals to your sensibilities.